Vision of DAMN

To lead billions of global users into the metaverse based on blockchain with the innovation of DeFi+AI+NFT+Mobile.

Features of DAMN

DeFi+AI+Mobile+NFT (DAMN) is an upgrade of blockchain products in the mobile era. With keen insight gained from years of industry experience and AI algorithms, DAMN is able to identify quality projects and remove detrimental ones so as to help users choose the best blockchain projects out from massive unknown projects without asset loss. AI-based investing strategies enable Defi+NFT investment portfolios that maximize user benefits.

DAMN Ecology
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DAMN Token distribution



Prepared for

Team, Operation, Airdrops, Trading Mining, Support The Ecological Projects and Community

DAMN will issue a total of 100 billion DAMN tokens for platform governance, of which 8% will be reserved by the team and released in 360 antennas;7% for Operation;10% will be airdropped, it is mainly airdropped to early users who participate in the ecosystem and keep trading; 30% will be used to support the ecological projects and community; 45% are released through mining of trading, the tradings here include on-chain behaviors such as buying and selling in stores, participating in auctions, and mortgage NFT lending.


  • Q1

    · Official website rollout

    · Mobile products

    · Decentralized wallet

    · DAMN DeFi

    · DAMN social media and community

  • Q2

    DeFi revenue aggregator ·

    NFT trading platform ·

    Token issuance ·

    Token DEX and open exchange ·

  • Q3

    · Mobile revenue aggregation system

    · Big data algorithm system

    · DAMN system

  • Q4

    DAMN standard SDK ·

    Quick access to metaverse ·

    Comprehensive DAMN development ·